I love to laugh. With all the negative in this nation and this world, finding humor in your own little corner is a gigantic step AWAY from going completely insane. 🙂 Erma Bombeck was a master.
Thank you for posting Jim. 🙂

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erma-bombeckIf she were alive today, she would have celebrated her 86th birthday a week ago today. Erma Bombeck is no longer with us but her humor lives on in the 15 books she left behind and the newspaper columns you can still read thanks to the endless access of the internet.

The ticket to fame for this popular American writer and humorist was a newspaper column (At Wit’s End) that described suburban home life from the mid-1960s until the late 1990s. She chronicled the ordinary life of a Midwestern suburban housewife lacing each article with her homespun humor.

For some reason she was on my mind today even though she died in April of 1996 from complications of a kidney transplant. Every so often I dwell on the great writers or artists of our time as I ponder the void they left. Like Dr. Seuss, Erma Bombeck brought…

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Mine)

My writing space: a black folding table littered with my laptop, reference books, framed picture of me with my favorite cousin who died this year, wall shots of all six of my grandchildren (one up at the top) all posing the same, and my only writing award so far. No one is allowed to sit at this desk or even breathe the perfumed scent I spray on my fake flowers. All mine. 🙂

Definitely a must-read for me. I am adopted also. It’s always good to hear another adopted person’s experiences.

Minnesota Wonderer

Author Laura Dennis’ memoir “Adopted Reality” tells the story of how expectations of personal perfection inevitably lead to sorrow and failure.

It’s a universal story of our flawed humanness. As a fellow mess, I appreciated the lesson that we don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

For Dennis, her sense of self-worth and her desire to maintain unreasonably high standards arise from her feelings about being adopted:

“I hadn’t been wanted, but now I was wanted. The Dennises were my second chance, chosen especially for me. … My child’s mind deduced that the Dennises could also give me away. So I decided to be the Best Child Ever.”

More than a story of adoption, however, this is a story of bipolar disorder. Dennis describes in painful and surprising detail how her mind unraveled as she descended into a manic episode involving hallucinations about being a bionic spy who caused…

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In a Facebook World, Anthony Turner Reads Books

My reading influences had less competition than parents have today in this techno-driven environment. With Facebook, Twitter and cell phones that highlight games and applications, the world is full of noise. The art of finding a quiet spot to read a book pales in comparison to all of the socializing techniques designed to “improve” our lives. But in a world full of social competition and criticism, particularly among his teen peers, Anthony Turner still finds joy in picking up a book to read.